Sharing some basic info 

Fact : nothing can ruin a relationship faster than jealousy.
Ladies - take note yup . *Sy pon !  Tskk .. 

Jealousy creates anxiety, curiosity, anger, hate and fear. No one think clearly when jealous . Setuju setuju setuju ? Setuju !!
No one want a jealous mate and no one likes being jealous . Haih . Jealousy will make you old before your time . Yelah, selalu wat frowny face. Sume wrinkle keluar . ahha

So what causes jealousy ?

Afraid of hidden communication lines . (I guess) . Trying to uncover them and make you think of questions , then make you assume the worst .

The solution :

If you're jealous, you need to communicate . Need to stop assuming the worst and ask questions . Communicate and express your feelings , so you can work out solutions . Use communication to solve problems . Jangan pendamkan je , lama2 exploded lak . Express your love and show your affection. Resolve your mystery of the past and discuss your feeling in the present . Make plans for the future . 
Because of communication, your relationship will be a big success :D

SM: smile !!