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 Harini nak share some basic info in "how to look good in pictures". Looking good in pictures make you feel more confident about yourself, which is important. Lots of people always said that, " Just applied makeup on ur face and you'll look stunning". Agree ? Me - partially agree.  For me the most important is how do you represent yourself. 

Credit pic: AnnasEaskey Photography and Yasalma Modest Dress

So here are the 12 steps You can take to look good in pictures: 

1. Learn why you look bad in pictures
Look at pitures of yourself and pictures of others, and find out why they look great and why you look bad. Sometimes the problems are: 
a) Bad hairstyles or too "messy " hijab styles or clothing choice
b) Closed eyes
c) Wrong angle
d) Shady areas


2. Believe in yourself

Remember, sometimes even if you look great in picture, you won't think so if you have self criticizing. So wake up !! Believe in yourself ! 

3. Preparation

Get out clothes that your favorite and look good on you. Solid colored shirt usually look the best. Stay away from crazy prints that will draw attention away from your face. But in case that the outfit is sponsored and it's not your taste, just keep in mind that the fashion designer know the best. Wear it with confidence.

4. Choosing hijab styles or do hairstyles that suit you best

Hijab style that suit me best is absolutely Fareeda Scarf ! Fareeda Scarf makes me look elegant, confident, and gorgeous (e eh, terlebih perasan lak kan ;p). For those yang free hair, try to wearing your hair down. It will make your face look smaller. On  the other hand, if your face are smaller, try to wear your hair up and out of your face.

5. Emphasize them!
You are unique and there are thing that you can do to make the strong features of your face stand out.

6. Clear your skin

Know your skin types. Try to consult a skin-care professional or your doctor about the best skin care for you. My best skin care tips are I always wash and cleanse my face from any make up before go to sleep no matter how late or tired I am. 

7. Good night and sleep tight
The day before you get your picture taken, make sure you  have a good night sleep. Make sure you're not stressed out  beacause it will show in the pictures. 

8. Feel confident !!
This is important !! Be proud of who you are. When smiling in photos, be sure its genuine. If you try to fake your smile then you'll look really bad. So feel happy and be happy as well. Love what you do and passionate about it.

9. Find a good sport to shoot
Make sure it is not a shady place or to sunny/bright. Shady area will mess with your skin tone and make you look older while too sunny/bright area will make the photos look dim and will look washed out. 

10. Find inspiration
Credit pic: Blog Sandra Azwan
Take a look at your idol photos or celebrities. What make them look good ? Their pose ? Their smile ? Imitate it until you achieve your look!

11. Practice in from of camera or mirror 
Practice in what pose you look best or what way you want to smile. 

12. Smile !!
A nice soft smile will work perfectly :D

Good luck !! (: Hope you gain something useful after reading this.

Till to the next entry. C ya !! (:

SM: always look at the positive side not at the negative side (;


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